• easyflex tent from Losberger with curtains and saddleback construction.
  • Losberger multiflex P7 with domers and apsis built up for a big golf tournament.
  • Losberger Pagodas, multiflex and walkways used as VIP tents.
  • Losberger Pagoda with curtains built up at a small garden party.

Small Tents

Varied tent architecture for unforgettable event experiences

  • multiflex, Pagoda and other Losberger tents create a beautiful scenery.
  • Losberger Gardencottage
  • Inside view of a Losberger multiflex with system wall.
  • Inside view of a Losberger multiflex equipped for an event.
multiflex, Pagoda and other Losberger tents create a beautiful scenery. multiflex partytent from Losberger with flooring and one open side.

Thanks to their high-quality modular construction system, tents from Losberger offer you a particularly large variety of sizes, shapes and configuration options – both for single and two story temporary, portable structures. This tried, tested and widely approved method of modular construction allows the user to create solutions and supply cost-efficient, functional, safe and attractive event venues.  The Clearspan design offers a free, unobstructed room view from inside the tent with no center poles or support columns inside the tent.


The Small Tents range from Losberger with width spans of 3 to 15 meters represents the most mature and varied range of tents available worldwide. Bringing to our customers the highest quality, appearance, breadth of products and modular combination possibilities.  The modular construction of these eye-catching, crowd-stopping tents can be built quickly to any length by adding 3m prolongation bays. With room to grow, you can build it as long as you need it!


From the smallest component of 3m x 3M to a star-shaped, meandering or circular tent design, using Losberger small tents removes limits and introduces creative options for events of all kinds.  Provided with a varied roof architecture, the different system components allow the staging of attractive tent landscapes with inner courtyards, promenades and communication areas.

Our Small Tent profiles are multiflex P8, multiflex P7, Pagodas, Cyclone, Volcan and Cumulus.    Please click on each profile in the left hand column to review Losberger’s large tent product portfolio to find the right solution for your needs.



The Losberger Philosophy

The name Losberger stands for first-class products and an exceptional measure of services. From the development to the assembly of unique tent, hall and space module systems. From advising through to supervising the construction site at your location. 


With just as much passion as sense of responsibility, we ensure our customers’ satisfaction and optimal solutions for every case. Technical progress, entrepreneurial success and responsibility towards our environment, as well as our customers, employees and colleagues are the standard for each of our actions.


We always act in a quality conscious and environmentally aware manner – Losberger customers do not just receive products, but the solution best suited for them in every respect. In this connection, we are always guided by an integrated way of thinking: For us, the product, the appropriate service as well as environmental compatibility and sustainability are inseparably interwoven with each other. So our customers receive well thought out, individual services, matched to each other from A to Z.